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Whats new in windows 8

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Whats new in windows 8 Empty Whats new in windows 8

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 04, 2012 9:48 am

I think all of you are aware on Microsoft’s new project, i.e Windows 8. And the good thing is that Windows 8 Developer edition has been released and left free for download. This is a Pre-Beta edition of Windows 8 which has not activation process itself.

Whats new in windows 8 Windows-8-Wallpaper

So lets talk about the New features in Windows 8.

Windows Store
The new Windows Store features great apps you might be familiar with and others you’ll love getting to know. It’s easy for you to find the apps you want, ranging from exciting new games, to the productivity tools you already know and trust on Windows.
You can browse and compare thousands of apps—we make it easy for you by grouping apps in familiar categories, highlighting frequently downloaded apps, and showing how other users have rated what they’ve purchased. For many apps, you can try before buying if you’re a bit skeptical. Once you’ve decided, you can buy with peace of mind, knowing that downloaded apps have been screened and checked for viruses. And you can install your purchased apps on up to five Windows 8 PCs.

It all starts here
Whats new in windows 8 Windows_Developer_Preview-Windows8_guide

The new Start screen gives you a fast way to interact with all of your apps and content. The tiles are alive with information, showing you what’s going on at any time. Information that you care about — the weather, your friends’ status updates, the top movie in your Netflix queue, your next calendar appointment — is all there at a glance. You can personalize your Start screen with shortcuts to your favorite things, like websites, a playlist, or photo albums. You decide where you want things on the screen and how you want them grouped. You can optimize for efficiency by adding speed bumps between groups of apps so that you don’t have to swipe back and forth when you’re panning through your Start screen.

Touch keyboard
Whats new in windows 8 Windows_Developer_Preview-Windows8rfghr_guide

Windows 8 has two touch keyboards for ultimate mobility and flexibility. An improved, full-sized touch keyboard with larger buttons and a unique thumb keyboard make it easy to use your computer on the go. Whether you’re walking around or sitting down, it’s more comfortable and natural to type using your thumbs when the keyboard is split. The touch keyboard in Windows 8 includes several features to speed up your typing and make it more accurate. Improved keyboard technology is designed to minimize inaccurate key strokes while automatically correcting mistyped words without slowing you down. To make typing more efficient, Windows suggests words on screen as you type, allowing you to choose the suggested word with a single tap. The keyboard adapts to different languages. On touch-based computers, the layout of the keyboard automatically adjusts to the language you choose for Windows. Your input and language settings automatically apply to the whole computer rather than to just specific programs.

Internet Explorer 10: the web by touch
Whats new in windows 8 Windows_Developer_Preview-Windows8_gghdghguide

Metro style Internet Explorer 10 provides a fast and fluid touch-first browsing experience that’s all about your sites, making them feel increasingly more app-like. With faster performance, leading security protection, more hardware acceleration, and site-ready HTML5 support, IE10 continues to allow developers to build a richer and more beautiful web.

Touch browsing, not just browsing on a touch device
Internet Explorer 10, optimized for touch browsing, is built for speed and fluidity. Gesture-based navigation is intuitive and fast. You can pan, zoom, and navigate naturally. And when you need it, the navigation bar includes touch-friendly controls for common navigation tasks. The IE 10 touch experience has all the benefits of Windows, so you can snap applications side by side and quickly access the charms for searching and sharing. Internet Explorer 10 delivers a touch browsing experience that makes the web feel as seamless as everything else on your Windows 8 device.

Your sites are at the center
The Metro style interface of Internet Explorer 10 is cleaner and the browser gets out of the way, so the focus is on your favorite sites. The navigation bar appears only when you want it, so there’s more room for your sites. A ready-when-you-need-it touch keyboard is intelligently integrated into the browser. Like IE9 on Windows 7, you can pin your favorite websites to the new Windows Start screen. This makes them feel more like an app because you can access them with a single tap. And if your favorite site has a Metro style app available, IE10 lets you know so you can just switch to the app if you want.

Experience a more beautiful web
By taking advantage of Windows and your device’s hardware, IE10 continues the IE9 commitment to loading sites so fast that it feels nearly instantaneous. The hardware acceleration pioneered in Internet Explorer 9 allows web developers and designers to build increasingly rich and immersive experiences. And because real-world security and privacy threats still plague the modern web, IE10 continues to provide a more secure and trusted browser. Building on the security platform of Windows and harnessing the world’s leading cloud-based reputation system, SmartScreen, Internet Explorer 10 will help keep you more secure when browsing the web.

File management with ease

Whats new in windows 8 Windows_Developer_Preview-Windows8_guidghje

We’ve enhanced Windows Explorer to make file navigation and common file management tasks straightforward. The ribbon organizes Explorer’s rich functionality, surfacing previously buried features and has new commands like ISO mounting and single-window move or copy. We’ve brought back a long-lost favorite: the Up button. We’ve also introduced a new enhanced copy experience so you can view and manage all of your file operations in one place.

Task Manager
Whats new in windows 8 Windows_Developer_Preview-Windows8_guide

The new Task Manager is your easy-to-use, all-in-one dashboard for monitoring and controlling your PC so you always know what’s going on with it. The information is presented in color-coded tiles to help draw your eye to items that are using the bulk of a resource. You can keep track of your system efficiently and in real-time, taking advantage of summary graphs and detailed information on processes, applications, and history. You can see the services associated with each process on one screen.

Many apps benefit when you’re connected. For example, Windows automatically switches to the network connection with the best quality and enables your apps to throttle down their bit rate, which enables your apps to deliver the best possible user experience. On certain networks, as network usage approaches a customer’s usage limit (typically set by their internet service provider), Windows can automatically block further network connections to protect your customer from overage charges.

Wi-Fi and mobile broadband
Windows 8 improves mobile network connectivity by making it easier to use Wi-Fi hotspots as an alternative to mobile broadband connections. Windows 8 treats a mobile broadband network as a metered connection. Windows 8 also includes an integrated set of radio controls so you can turn network radios on and off, as well as control all of them at once via a convenient ‘flight mode’ switch.

SmartScreen filter
SmartScreen is a set of sophisticated technologies to help protect you from malicious websites and programs. Whether you’re downloading or running a new program on the desktop, SmartScreen has you covered. SmartScreen continues to provide protection from phishing and socially engineered malware attacks using URL and application reputation and removes unnecessary warnings for programs and publishers with an established reputation. To add another layer of protection, SmartScreen is now integrated with program launch to screen programs downloaded from the web. It also shows new warnings before higher-risk programs can run and will block known malware.

Windows Defender
To ensure legitimate antimalware protection to all users, Windows 8 provides Windows Defender. It monitors and protects against viruses and other malware in real time and detects and removes malware if your computer becomes infected. With Windows 8, third-party antimalware software becomes even more effective: by loading approved antimalware drivers during the boot process, antimalware software can start from a known good state and continue its vigilant watch over your PC from that point on.

Secured boot
Secured boot stops malware in its tracks and makes Windows 8 significantly more resistant to low-level attacks. Even when a virus has made it onto your PC, Windows will authenticate boot components to prevent any attempt to start malware before the operating system is up and running. If the component isn’t correctly signed by Microsoft, Windows will begin remediation and start the Windows Recovery Environment, which will automatically try to fix your operating system.

AppLocker contains new capabilities that enable it to manage both desktop and Metro style applications. IT pros can create security policies that allow or deny specific applications from being run by specific users or groups of users

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