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Rules of the forum Empty Rules of the forum

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 24, 2011 3:12 am

Welcome to our first forum. If any issues or problems:

New rules form of today:

1: For remote desktop Session by Users is prohibited. This is only allowed by the support members, moderators or admin if by all four managers this permission is granted. Abuse will result in temporary ban if repeated abuse is made, will be made until complete ban. Request for remote sesions has to be approved by moderators or admin. when a session takes place the admin has to be notified with an email with data of who, where, issue, starting time, ending time and ip adress

2: Support members are members who regularly helped users and are only appointed after unanimous agreement by the administrators. This applies to the case that users have provided solutions that have actually led to a solution

3 complaints about the solutions offered by support members, administrators or others can be reported to the Admin. This will investigate each complaint and possible actions, if justified. In every other case, no action is taken. false allegations will be punished with extreme ban

4 Topics series in which no, or links to torrent illigal software will immediately be removed with a drop of 24 hour ban.

5 Here the community is working with a points system. Points are only awarded to real messages and messages that an eight answer. Nonsense messages to count points to increase gain any points and can be removed after repeated abuse and the owner of the messages may receive a ban for at least 1 hour to 24 hours depending on the number. This can be decided by the moderators and admin.

6 No business names, locations, real names and login may be placed in the forum which work related. Passwords should only be given during remote session over remote chat or via PM.

Language and manners
Keep your language clean and polite. Go with respect to each other.
The personalized insults are not allowed on the forum. Not as forum posting, not via private message rather than signature.
Racism or negative statements about an ethnic group are strictly prohibited. Extreme right or extreme political content content are not permitted.
Remember that people of different ages visit the forum, including some less than others to pick up some tips. Also try to stay as patient as possible if there are questions that you yourself might float as stupid / childish experience.
It allowed users to provoke the political and propaganda section of the forum (World Forums), as long as this tactic is based on events surrounding the game.
The language spoken on the Dutch forum. Only in exceptional cases, we contribute to English (such as an international project will be presented).

unwanted content
Reread your message before you post. This is to avoid misunderstandings. Your message will be read by many users, so make sure it is written in plain language and do not violate forum rules.
Each message in any way politically extreme, pornographic, illegal or distasteful content is prohibited. It does not matter whether the extreme content directly placed or referred to.
Sexist explicit content (including bikini pictures) and pornography are not allowed on the forum. This applies to references, signatures and images as well as forum avatars and profile pictures.
Suspensions are not discussed at the forum. Write in the forum is not a chat, or forum suspensions. Also discuss the functioning of the moderators should not be on the forum home. Use the support system.
Any links so that a referral ID Remember (advertising, Thief games) is prohibited. Links to sites with fraudulent, illegal or harmful content (warez sites, phishing sites, click here, ..) are prohibited. This applies to contributions forums, private messages and signatures. Discussions about other games are allowed. These belong in the game forum.

Please Post only messages related to the topic. If you can not formulate a message, add to the topic, it is better not to answer.
Use appropriate titles if you start a topic. Avoid incomplete or attention-seeking names. Unclear descriptions such as "I have a question" in the questions forum or "error" in the bug forum, we also want to avoid.
Look carefully and there is not an issue with the same question / content has been before you start a new topic, to avoid repetition of discussions is always helpful to read the whole topic before posting. Use the search function here.
Make sure you know that in the appropriate section of the forum you are posting.
Two contributions do not write consecutively in a topic: If you find something you've forgotten, then click on your contribution on 'Edit', you can edit the text. Reread your message before you post.
If you contribute more to respond in a topic, use the so-called "multi-quote 'function. Click on any contributions you wish to quote on the small button next to 'quote'.
Dialogues, discussions and other altercations between two private persons should be fed. Please use the Private Messaging system built into this forum, or other applications (such as IRC, Skype, chat programs, etc.).
Quote moderation, quote only the relevant parts so that messages are not unnecessarily long. If you texts from sources outside Grepolis quotes, even when you write the text from it.
Signatures should not exceed 4 lines of text in the default text size, there are maximum 2 spoilers allowed in your signature

Compliance with forum rules
You can report inappropriate content on the forum report: Next to the contribution that violates the forum rules and briefly describe what is wrong with the contribution. The forum moderators will intervene quickly.
If your post deleted or your topic is closed, there was a good reason. Replace the message.
Light line break will initially result in a warning. Repetitive or excessive line breakage can lead to blocking of the forum account lead. Multiple accounts to evade punishment is not allowed and will be pursued.
if you are banned from the forum, you must wait until this ban is lifted back to you on the forum can. If you think the ban is not correct give a good reaseon why we un-ban you
Normally, when a rule violation at the forum warned just your forum account or punished. In very extreme cases, in addition to the forum account, the account assigned a permanent ban and may possibly result in legal action.
The forum moderators reserve the right to edit messages, delete or close topics. Follow their instructions at all times. If you disagree with them you can contact them by notice board. If you doubt their operation can do this via the support system and I - not on the forum.
We reserve the right to users in the forum to exclude.

The forum rules are constantly updated. The changes will be announced in a notice. The forum users to watch these changes independently.
We reserve the right, in exceptional cases, to punish players and help to remove even if they do not explicitly listed above rules are violated.

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